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About Watch Kinds

Watches come in all different shapes, colors, materials, brands, and vintages. However, probably the most important aspect of wristwatch design is the type of movement. The movement is what makes the watch run and governs not just how the watch works but what the watch can do and how it can display the time.


For a long time, watches only came in one type of movement - mechanical. However, the period from the 1950s through the 1970s saw an explosion of wristwatch technologies and a variety of new electrically powered movement types until the LCD digital wristwatch emerged in the mid 1970s. Since that time, wristwatch technology remains largely unchanged.

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  • no batteries required
  • traditional, classic styling
  • often very beautifully crafted


  • no batteries required
  • no winding - works through body motion
  • green, eco-friendly!


  • battery powered
  • no more worrying about winding
  • space age styling

Tuning Fork

  • accurate and reliable
  • emits a soothing "hum"
  • smoothly sweeping second hand


  • accurate
  • reliable
  • low maintenance
  • long battery life


  • light emitting display
  • very 1970s
  • easy to read at night
  • retro futuristic styling


  • practical, reliable and durable
  • easy to read in bright sunlight
  • 70s / 80s retro appeal