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Omega Dynamic

With the iconic "aerodynamic" elliptical case


The Omega Dynamic was introduced in 1968 and has an exceptionally clean, streamlined, and beautiful design that will never go out of style and still looks modern to this day. It was introduced as "the first watch designed especially for the human wrist" touting its "scientific" ergonomic design. The Dynamic perfectly encapsulated the spirit of its age which brought together the emphasis on science as we prepared to and on the moon with the human-centric focus of the socially progressive movement of the late 60s.

Omega Dynamic Advertisement

The Omega Dynamic started out as a "concept watch" and quickly became Omega's #1 seller of the 1970s until production ceased in 1977. The name "Dynamic" came from the term "aerodynamic" which was synonomous with progress as the Boeing 747, the Concorde, and the Saturn V moon rocket took to the air for the first time. To keep the lines of the Dynamic "streamlined", Omega designers did away with the lugs that usually protrude from the case of the watch. Instead, the Dynamic had a back piece that could be unscrewed and allowed either a metal bracelet or a leather / corfam band with a hole in the center to be fastened directly to the watch case. Since the back of the watch was used to mount the band, the movement in inserted into the case through the front. This also allowed the watch to be made more watertight since the only opening to the case is through the crystal. The Omega Dynamics came in a variety of colors and styles with the main line featuring a bullseye shape with concentric colored rings and a "De Ville" line which had a more traditional, classical dial.


Case: Very good.
The case is in very good condition with nice sharp edges and almost no flaws except for one dent on the front bezel at around 10:00 and the plating has worn thin on the crown. Otherwise, the plating is good and it still shows its radial brushing.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
The dial is probably the most striking thing about this watch and is in near perfect condition. It is very clean and still shows its wonderful original colors.

Crystal: Excellent.
The acrylic crystal is in excellent condition with no visible scratches and is original as can be seen by the microscopic omega logo in the center.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The bracelet is in very good condition with just a few scratches mostly on the clasp. The bracelet is complete and fits a 7 3/4" wrist.

Function / Accuracy: Very good.
This Omega works perfectly and keeps good time. The second hand ticks along nicely at 4 ticks per second. It requires very little motion to keep itself wound. The crown is a little stiff when winding manually, as is typical with this model.