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Hamilton QED II (Gold-Filed)

Successor to a Hamilton classic


The Hamilton QED II is the successor to the classic QED model, which was Hamilton's first digital watch.

The QED II preserves the art deco linear design elements from the original QED, but with a boxier, simpler looking design. Early versions of this model had the logo centered in the display, but later versions such as this one had the logo placed in the lower right hand corner and the Hamilton logo in the upper left hand corner.

This QED features a Hamilton module which features an alpha-numeric day-of-the-week display and a very bright display.


Case: Excellent.
The gold filled case is in excellent, almost mint condition. The original vertical brush marks are still strong and the edges have their original polished shine. The case back has just a few light scratches, but otherwise, the case is very close to mint condition.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and bright.

Crystal: Excellent.
The crystal is in excellent condition with just a few almost invisible hairline marks. The logo is complete and strong.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The braclet is in very good condition with almost no marks. The first top link has a very slight bend, but otherwise, it is almost perfect. The Hamilton marked clasp has a few slight scratches. The bracelet is complete and fits a 7.75" wrist.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
The original Hamilton module works perfectly. Digital quartz accuracy.