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An unusal and elegant elliptical design


This LED watch is characterized by the distinctive and elegant shape of both the elliptical case and the trapezoidal crystal.

Wittnauer LED advertisement

This watch is also noteworthy because this exact same design was rebranded for sale by the very prestigious firm Jaeger-LeCoultre and was the only LED watch offered by JLC. The variant is identical to the JLC with the exception that the Winnaur has an unmarked crystal and the LeCoultre has a crystal signed with the JLC logo. The JLC model also featured no lugs.

The Jaeger LeCoultre branded version of this watch

This is a very wearable watch with a good size and weight and a very nice Hughes module. The late model Hughes module has very large, bright digits and a convenient day of the week display.

This watch has no outward indication of the brand. The back of the watch features a mysterious logo with a small J with an arrow through it next to the inscription "10 KT G.F. bezel".


Case: Good.
This is good but not perfect condition and shows a number of small markings on the case. A few are visible towards the upper right of the crystal. If one were inclined, it would be possible to refinish the front of the case to the original brushed finish, although that would require temporarily removing the crystal.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and bright.

Crystal: Excellent.
The crystal is in remarkably good condition with only one tiny scratch near the bottom left and one almost invisible scratch towards the upper right. The face of the crystal is smooth and clean.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The Longines branded Champion bracelet on this watch is not original. However, it is suitable for the watch since it matches the color perfectly and the Wittnaur brand was owned by Longines. The condition of the bracelet is very good with no loss of plating and only a bit of wear. This watch would also look great on a mesh bracelet.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions work perfectly. Digital quartz accuracy.