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Novus LED

Awesome minimalist futuristic design with lots of hard edges and a mirror finish


This fantastic, stylish, futuristic watch was from Novus, the consumer arm of National Semiconductor corporation. It still looks as futuristic today as it did in the 70s.

During the 1970s, many semiconductor companies got into the business of building watches. LED watches were the hot new item and the semiconductor executives wanted a bit of the action. Executives at these high tech companies figured that if they could design integrated circuit chips, they were smart enough to handle the design and marketing of wristwatches. Dozens of high tech ompanies such as Novus Semiconductor, Intel (Microma), Commodore, CompuChron, General Electric, Hughes Semiconductor, Litronix, Quasar, Texas Instruments and others got into the act. Unfortunately, most of these watches ended up with unstylish, even ugly, and forgettable designs. Not so with this Novus, one of the most distinctive and elegant designs of the era.

Although this watch is all about aesthetics, it also has some nice features. In addition to the usual hours, minutes, seconds, day, and date, it also featuers two time zones. By pressing the button on the lower left, you can view the time in an alternate time zone of your choice.

This is a large, chunky watch but still comfortable on the wrist. Build quality is top notch. Every surface except for the left and right sides of the watch case is polished to a mirror finish. It is a fingerprint magnet.


Case: Very good.
This watch is in very good condition with only a few minor nicks. There is one tiny nick to the upper left of the display. Due to the mirror finish, the surface must be almost perfect because any tiny nick or scratch will be easily visible.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All digits are complete and bright.

Crystal: Excellent.
The crystal is almost perfect except that it is missing the Novus logo. Most of these watches have had the logo worn off and it is very rare to find one with the logo intact. Also if you look carefully into the crystal, on the lower right corner there is a small chip visible on the inside of the crystal (where it is almost invisible). The outer surface of the crystal is perfect.

Band / Bracelet: Excellent.
The original bracelet is excellent and fits an 8" wrist. One of the links has a very tiny nick but the others are mirror smooth. The clasp has normal wear and scratches.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions work perfectly. Digital quartz accuracy.