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Omega TC-1 (Gold-Filled)

The first digital watch available in Europe


The Omega TC-1 was the very first digital watch produced by Omega and the first digital watch available in Europe. Even though this watch is branded by Omega, the module in this watch was produced by Time Computer (Pulsar) and the case was made in the U.S. by Star Watch Case Company, the same company that produced cases for Pulsar. So, essentially, this watch was designed and marketed by Omega, but was an entirely American made product.

Omega TC-1 Catalog Page

The first time that you hold an Omega TC-1 in your hand, it becomes obvious that this is not like other watches. The TC-1 is a beast of a watch. The large, chunky design is quite possibly the heaviest of all 1970s era digital watches, even more massive than the Hamilton QED. The case of the TC-1 is obviously of extremely high quality, very heavy and 80 micron gold-filled rather than gold plated, for maximum durability.

If you are a fan of the sexy, futuristic curvy shape of Pulsar's LED watches, then the boxy, simple shape of the TC-1 may at first appear a bit uninspired. However, the design grows on you as there is something appealing about the simple, minimalism of the Omega TC-1.

The Omega TC-1 was made in solid gold, yellow gold-filled and white gold-filled (not stainless steel) variations.


Case: Very good.
The case is in very good condition with just a few tiny marks. There is one visible mark on the lower lug and two very tiny pinprick marks above the time screen. Otherwise, it's in great shape. The case back is almost mint.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and bright.

Crystal: Excellent.
The red mineral glass crystal is in excellent with only the faintest of marks. There is one very scratch beneath the "O" in Omega, but otherwise it's almost perfect. The logo is crisp and complete. The crystal in this watch has been replaced (with another original Omega crystal). Astute observers will note that the logo color is white instead of yellow. Omega normally applied yellow logos to gold models and white logos to silver models. On the plus side, the white logo shows up better than a yellow logo would.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The massive gold-filled bracelet is complete and will fit an 8" wrist. Two of the links have some light but visible scratches. The gold is complete and not worn through, however. The original Omega signed clasp has a few tiny visible scratches.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions work perfectly. Digital quartz accuracy.