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Pulsar Ladies' Touch Command (Oval, Gold-Filled)

Time at a touch of the finger - 30 years before the iPod


The Pulsar P4 ladies' touch command is one of the last and most evolved Pulsar models. These models used capacitive touch buttons to view the time and date - 30 years before the iPod, iPhone, and other touch activated gadgets of today. The ladies touch command models were made in three styles with the other two styles being the Cushion and the Square.

The ladies' touch command models were designed to be easy to use and also easier to manufacture than earlier models. Before the touch command system, Pulsar modules used buttons containing tiny magnets which activated magnet field sensing reed switches on the modules. The magnetic buttons allowed Pulsar watches to be completely enclosed and waterproof but they were difficult and expensive to manufacture. The capacitive touch buttons were both futuristic and easier to build. This was significant because in 1977, Pulsar was under pressure from low cost competitors to lower their prices and costs to stay alive. The touch command buttons have a few disadvantages. First, the buttons will inadvertantly activate when the case becomes wet. Second, the capacitive touch buttons have not tactile or audio feedback like a physical button does. Larger gadgets like phones can include speakers for audio feedback, but in the tiny case of the ladies this was not technically possible.

The ladies' touch command models have a different design aesthetic than Pulsar's classic models. This is because they were designed by Pulsar's European division rather than Pulsar's master watch case designer, Jean Wuischpard.

To set the time and date, all touch command Pulsars used the "autoset" system where the time and date is set by tapping the front command buttons three times in quick succesion.


Pulsar Autoset Instruction Manual
(Click to view)

Case: Excellent.
There's one small and very light scratch on the bottom of the case near the button, but otherwise it's almost perfect.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and bright.

Crystal: Excellent.
The curved sapphire crystal is pristine and scratch free. There is no delamination of the red filter which sometimes occurs with sapphire crystals.

Band / Bracelet: Excellent.
The mesh bracelet is almost perfect. There are a few tiny almost unnoticeable scratches on the clasp.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions work perfectly. As a late model Pulsar, this is a very reliable watch. Digital quartz accuracy.