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Pulsar P4 Big Time (Day of the Week)

The sporty looking Pulsar


The Pulsar P4 Big Time was one of the three styles of "auto-command" wrist-flick activated P4 models made by Pulsar with the other two styles being referred to as the "Executive" and the "Classic".

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The Pulsar P4 Big Time was only made in stainless steel, unlike the other varieties of P4's which were available in stainless steel, gold fill, or solid gold. The Big Time model featured a 3 link bracelet that is exceptionally comfortable.

These models had the "auto-command" feature, an innovative mercury switch that allows you to activate the LED display simply by quickly rotating your wrist in a flicking motion. The watch is only sensitive to motion along the axis of your arm in order to make it less prone to activating inadvertantly. A few other models of watches such as the Gillette "Reflex" also featured mercury switch activation, but these were activated by orientation rather than a quick back and forth rotary motion and therefore were not nearly so useful or refined as the Pulsar solution.

This particular model also has the "auto-set" feature, which allows you to set the time and date by pressing the buttons three times quickly instead of requiring the use of a magnet.


This Pulsar P4 Big Time is in good condition with minor wear and features the uncommon / rare (and useful!) "day of the week" display and wrist flick. It works perfectly.

Pulsar Autoset Instruction Manual
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Case: Good.
The solid stainless steel case is in good condition with minor wear. There are a few minor nicks and scratches on the case sides and back which are not objectionable and are less noticeable in person than in the photos. The

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and exceptionally bright. This module features the rare day of the week display which shows the date as a vertical two letter abbreviation beneath the time and date display.

Crystal: Good.
The crystal is in good condition with a few minor scratches. The Pulsar logo is still visible but is a bit faded. There are a few small scratches around the area of the logo and one tiny chip on the lower edge of the crystal. This particular model is very difficult to find with the time screen in mint condition because it reaches almost to the edge of the bezel and therefore it is easily chipped.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The bracelet is in very good condition with a nice brushed finish along the surface and polished sides. The bracelet is not quite complete with 13 out of 15 links and will fit 7.25" wrist. Since this watch has an autoset module rather than a magnet set module, there is no setting magnet or magnet holder contained in the clasp. The clasp has a few small scratches.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions of this 403 module work perfectly and it keeps great time. The wrist flick works perfectly. Often the wrist flick function of these watches is fussy or requires a vigorous shake. This one works reliably with just a gentle flick of the wrist.