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Pulsar P4 Executive (Stainless)

The curviest, most futuristic Pulsar


The Pulsar P4 Executive is sometimes justifiably described as the most beautiful digital watch ever made due to its simple, clean lines, its curves, and its matching bracelet. The Executive was one of the three styles of "auto-command" wrist-flick activated P4 models made by Pulsar with the other two styles being referred to as the "Big Time" and the "Classic".

Pulsar P4 Wrist Flick Advertisement

The Pulsar P4 Executive was made in stainless steel, 14KT gold fill and both 14KT and 18KT solid gold by special order.

These models had the "auto-command" feature, an innovative mercury switch that allows you to activate the LED display simply by quickly rotating your wrist in a flicking motion. The watch is only sensitive to motion along the axis of your arm in order to make it less prone to activating inadvertantly. A few other models of watches such as the Gillette "Reflex" also featured mercury switch activation, but these were activated by orientation rather than a quick back and forth rotary motion and therefore were not nearly so useful or refined as the Pulsar solution.

This particular model also has the "auto-set" feature, which allows you to set the time and date by pressing the buttons three times quickly instead of requiring the use of a magnet.


This model also features the uncommon solid link bracelet which is a joy to wear.

Pulsar Autoset Instruction Manual
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Case: Excellent.
This Pulsar P4 Executive is in almost mint condition with no visible scratches and nice well defined edges. The case back has no scratches or marks. There is one tiny pinprick mark to the left side under the time display - see if you can spot it. This gorgeous Pulsar is almost pristine.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and bright.

Crystal: Excellent.
The red mineral glass crystal on this example is pristine and perfect. In the sun, it just gleams!

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The solid link bracelet on this example has excellent brushing and is in super condition. It contains 13 links and fits an 7.5 " wrist. The original clasp has a few minor scratches. Since this watch has an autoset module rather than a magnet set module, there is no setting magnet or magnet holder contained in the clasp.

Function / Accuracy: Very good.
This watch keeps almost perfect time and the time and date / calendar work perfectly. The only shortcoming is that the auto-command "wrist-flick" function does not work. The wrist-flick varies among P4 models and some people consider it a hinderance because it is sometimes prone to activating inadvertantly, which drains the batteries unnecessarily . So, you can choose to look at this as either a shortcoming or a feature.