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Pulsar P4 Dress "Greenie"

Super rare Pulsar with a green LED display!


The Pulsar P4 "greenie" was a last ditch effort by Pulsar engineers to rekindle the public's fascination with bright, colorful LED displays as they went out of fashion and the public turned towards LCD watches. This effort was unsuccessful and very few of these models made it out the door before Pulsar was forced to close its doors in late 1977.

Pulsar Dress Advertisement - "What else could it be but a Pulsar?"

The green colored display is produced using gallium nitride instead of gallium arsenide, which is used in the common red LED displays. The technology for creating red, orange, yellow, or green LED displays was available in the late 1970s although only red and green were commercially produced before LED technology went out of style. The technology to create blue, white, and violet LEDs was not available until the 1990s.

The displays and modules used in the Pulsar greenie were made by Sanyo for Pulsar and have slightly more angled digits than the displays used in Pulsar's other models. Also, the green crystal is slightly thinner than the time screens used in other Pulsar models and is almost flush with the bezel.

The case for the "greenie" is almost identical to the stainless Pulsar dress model except that the back is slightly thicker to accomodate larger 357 batteries instead of 386 batteries in order to accomodate the more power hungry module used in the greenie. The case and bracelet are very similar in appearance to the red stainless Pulsar dress model except that the "greenie" case and bracelet were given a polished rather than a brushed finish.


The crystal is very smooth and would be in very good condition except for two deep scratches towards the left side of the crystal. The bracelet is in pretty good shape which is unusual since these bands tend to get kinked rather easily due to the thin fragile links used in its construction. This may be the most comfortable Pulsar to wear due to the compact shape of the dress case and the silky smooth band.

Pulsar Autoset Instruction Manual
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Case: Good.
The stainless steel case is in good condition with a multitude of small scratches throughout. The case back is in very good condition with just a few scratches. Although there are numerous small scratches on the front bezel and the polished surfaces makes these marks more evident than they would otherwise be, this watch is still very shiny and attractive.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and bright.

Crystal: Very good.
The green mineral glass crystal has one noticeable significant scratch on the left side and a few tiny marks nearby but otherwise retains its original smooth glassy surface with few scratches.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
This fine segmented bracelet is in very good condition and has a nice, shiny polished surface that really stands out. It has no kinks or bent links as are common with these somewhat delicate bracelets. Because of the large number of tiny segments, these bracelets feel silky smooth on the wrist and are exceptionally comfortable. This bracelet flows over your wrist with an almost liquid smoothness.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions work perfectly. Digital quartz accuracy. This model is somewhat less accurate than other Pulsars and will lose perhaps a minute per month or so.