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Saturn LED

A space age style with a space age name


IThe Saturn LED watch is a true space age icon. Made right after the end of the Apollo program with its iconic Saturn V rocket, the Saturn LED watch has a distinctive stye that still looks futuristic today.

The Saturn LED is one of a slew of watches with space age names from the mid 1970s including:

  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Jupiter
  • Mercury
  • Pulsar
  • Novus

This mid to late 1970s model watch is rather uncommon and it's rare to find these in good condition. This model was made in both silver and gold variations.


Case: Very good.
The highly polished case is in very good condition with just a few small scratches on the bottom bezel which are only visible due to the high level of polish. The case back is minty and the front bezel shows its nice original brushing.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All LED digits and segments are complete and very bright.

Crystal: Very good.
The acrylic crystal is clear and free of scratches. It has been polished to a glossy mirror shine.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The original bracelet is in very good condition. It looks perfect on the outside, but there is some plating loss on the inside (which is invisible when the watch is worn). It is complete and comfortably fits a large 8" wrist.

Function / Accuracy: Ok.
All functions work fine. However, strangely, the quartz movement does not keep very good time. It currently runs a minute or two fast per day and needs to be adjusted every few days to a week or so in order to keep good time. There is a trimmer on the back side of the module which might possibly be used to adjust the rate. It may also be possible to replace the quartz crystal to get better accuracy.