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Juvenia Square Mystery Dial

Juvenia elegance and simplicity


Juvenia watches are known for their elegance and avant garde designs. Their mystery dial line of watches were especially popular among women. They were available in many different case shapes including:

  • round
  • square
  • octagonal
  • hexagonal
  • diamond shaped.

They are said to have taken design inspiration from nature and architecture.

This watch is a medium size (27mm per side / 36mm diagonal) and due to the transparent plastic front and back case, it is quite light in weight and easy to wear.


Case: Good.
The case is in good to very good condition overall. There are a few scratches on the sides of the case, though nothing major. The movement is bright and shiny with the fine workmanship visible through the back. and the watch does have some tiny particles of dust that are visible inside of the watch through the fully transparent case front and back.

Face / Hands: Very good.
The dial is in fine condition and the red paint on the dials is not faded or chipped as you sometimes see on these watches.

Crystal: Excellent.
The front cyrstal is smooth and almost perfect. There is a very small scratch near the 6 o-clock position.

Band / Bracelet: Good.
The band is not original to this watch and is nothing special but in fine condition.

Function / Accuracy: Very good.
This watch winds and sets easily and runs fine.