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Bulova Blue and White Accutron 218

A clean and simple Accutron with a distinctive blue and white "Pan Am" dial


This is a very clean and simple Accutron 218 with a blue and white dial reminiscent of the iconic Pan Am logo and a distictive red tipped second hand.

1970s Era Accutron Advertisement

Accutrons ceased production in 1977 because quartz watches could be made more inexpensively and more accurately. Although the early Accutrons tend to be more coveted by collectors, the late model Accutrons have that great 70s style, of which this is a perfect example.

This watch is very clean and simple, uncluttered by a day / date window and has a pretty blue face with a subtle sheen. The blue and white hour and minute hands complemet the face perfectly. The red tipped second hand stands out beautifully against the blue dial and is strangely mesmerizing to watch.


Case: Very good.
This watch is in very good to excellent condition with only a few tiny marks on the case back.

Face / Hands: Excellent
The face and hands are perfect with no scratches or discoloration at all.

Crystal: Excellent.
No visible scuffs or scratches.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The stainless steel bracelet is not original but matches the watch nicely and is in perfect condition.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
This watch is It's humming strongly and keeps excellent Accutron-quality time.