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Bulova Accutron 2181 Square TV Case

A futuristic looking Accutron!


1970 Bulova Accutron Advertisement
(see watch at left)

Accutrons, generally, are fantastic watches with excellent taste and style. However, if I were to fault the Accutron line of watches for one thing, it would be that they are a little conservative... dare I say, stodgy. This 1971 Accutron breaks the mold with its futuristic square TV shaped case and bold design!

This particular design came in a couple of different variations and is most often seen with a grey colored face with white lettering. This variation with a beige colored face and black lettering is extremely rare and is quite readable. The matte black hands feature an inset with tiny metallic grooves running parallel to hand's axis and in certain kinds of light, these grooves function as a diffraction grating, breaking the llight into a mini rainbow. This was very advanced for the time. The combination of the outer dial with its bold hour markings and the inner dial with its finer minute markings is very effective and makes this watch easy to read as well as easy on the eyes.


Case: Very good.
This watch is in very good condition with the usual small marks and scratches on the case and case back.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
Both the inner and outer dials are close to pristine as are the hands.

Crystal: Excellent.
No visible scuffs or scratches.

Band / Bracelet: Excellent.
The band shown on the watch is NOS and features a suede grey surface with a metallic border. These bands are extremely rare and I have not seen another one in this condition.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
This watch sets and runs properly and keeps excellent Accutron-quality time.