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Bulova Accutron 2182 TV Case

An Accutron with a distinctive 70s style TV shaped case and elegant minimalist dial


This stylish Accutron from 1974 features a distinctive TV shaped case ("tonneax" shaped to you watch snobs) and elegant, minimalist metallic blue dial.

1972 Accutron 2182 Advertisement

Accutrons ceased production in 1977 because quartz watches could be made more inexpensively and more accurately. Although the early Accutrons tend to be more coveted by collectors, the late model Accutrons have that great 70s style, of which this is a perfect example.

This model is a great size and weight. It's noticeably more substantial than standard round faced Accutrons but not too heavy and has a very comfortable bracelet. The dial has fine horizontal brushed lines and a metallic gold sheen that is difficult to capture photographically but looks smashing in the sun.

This Accutron uses the 2182 movement which features the day and date. One nice thing about the 2182 movement is that the day and date click over sharply at midnight rather than changing slowly over several minutes like most other movements. If you listen closely, you can hear the date tick over at midnight!


Case: Good.
This watch is in good condition with a few small scratches and marks on the sides and case back. There is a scratch on the lower left case side. None of the marks are significant and without close inspection, it looks minty. The front face looks good with nice shiny bevelled edges.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
The dial is essentially perfect as are the hands.

Crystal: Excellent.
The acrylic crystal looks almost perfect. Any scratches have been polished away so its perfectly clear and smooth.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The original Duchess braclet and clasp on the excellent Duchess bracelet are in very good condition with smooth mirror polished links. The clasp has some heavy marks on the sides but the main surface and logo are clear and free of scratches.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
This watch sets and runs perfectly and keeps perfect Accutron-quality time. The day and date tick over nicely at midnight.