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Bulova Accutron 219 Asymmetrical

An Accutron with Modern Supersized Styling


This is a nice 1977 Accutron with a large, chunky asymmetric case. By modern standards, most vintage watches tend to be quite small and lightweight. This Accutron has more contemporary styling with a heavy oversized stainless steel case.

The Accutron 219 movement is one of the last iterations of tuning fork movements and has an amazing asymmetrical tuning fork with the coil on just one side. This was done for cost cutting measures but 219 movements are just as accurate and perhaps even a bit more reliable than 218 movements since there's only have the chance of a coil failing.

The styling of this Accutron is very 1970s. It's similar to the Omega f300 "cone" Seamaster models, but less expensive. This Accutron feels extremely solid on the wrist and the slight asymmetry is very cool and stylish. One other benefit of the heavy case is that it dampens out the high frequency sound from the indexing mechanism of the tuning fork movement leaving just the pleasing hum from the tuning forks.


Case: Good.
The watch case is good condition with numerous smal marks. It's not minty but in good shape with no large marks or deep scratches and the brushing on the bezel still catches the light nicely.

Face / Hands: Good.
The dial shows a few very small, uniform speckles. They are very small and uniorm, though, and don't detract from the appearance. Otherwise, the dial is in excellent condition and the hands and markers are almost perfect.

Crystal: Excellent.
The "safirglass" crystal is almost perfect. There is one very tiny scratch in the center that is difficult to see in any light. The crystal is perfectly smooth and looks almost new.

Band / Bracelet: Good.
The heavy stainless steel bracelet is in very good condition with just a few marks on the sides of the first link on each side. Otherwise, the bracelet and clasp are almost perfect. It's not original to this watch, but matches the style perfectly. The clasp is 19mm wide and the bracelet will fit a large 7.75" wrist.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
This watch sets and runs perfectly and keeps Accutron-quality time and the calendar ticks over precisely at midnight.