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Universal Geneve Unisonic 2302

A beautiful combination of yellow and rose gold hues


This 1975 Univeral Geneve Unisonic is a classy and colorful little watch that uses a 2302 mini tuning fork movement cased inside of a body and bracelet plated in yellow and rose gold. The face, hands, bracelet, and clasp are plated using a copper colored shade of rose gold that is distinctive and beautiful.

Universal Geneve Tri-Compax similar to that worn by Harry Truman

Universal Geneve is a company that is not super well known outside of chonophile circles but has a long and proud history as a maker of fine luxury wristwatches. Universal Geneve was founded in 1894 as Universal Watch and moved to Geneva in 1919 shortly after creating the world's first chronograph (stopwatch) wristwatch in 1917. Their most famous watch was the "Tri -Compax" with three subdials which was introduced in 1944 to mark Universal's 50th aniversary. This watch was used throughout WWII and was worn by Harry S. Truman at the Potsdam conference ending the war.

One interesting (and morbid) anecdote is that a solid gold Univeral Geneve was also worn by Nazi leader Hermann Goering. On the eve of his execution, he gave his watch to the Neurenburg trial gaurd in exchange for a cyanide pill which he used to commit suicide, thereby escaping death by hanging.

Universal Geneve 1969 Unisonic Advertisement

This "Unisonic" watch uses a movement developed by Accutron and licensed to Universal Geneve. It uses the smallest tuning fork movement ever made, the 2302, which is only 19mm across! The "Mini Accutron" movement was introduced in 1971 and was intended for use in ladies watches although they were also used in men's watches, often with spacers to allow a larger case. Because of its small size, the tuning fork arms are much shorter and therefore resonate at a higher frequency than a standard Accutron - 480Hz instead of 360Hz. Universal Geneve was owned by Bulova during the late 1960s and early 1970s, which is why they made a number of watches using the tuning fork movement pioneered by Bulova.

This Universal Geneve is signed in four places, on the dial, on the crown, on the clasp, and if you look closely enough, you can see a tiny "U" shaped logo in the center of the crystal (similar to how Omega signs their crystals). This is a very comfortable watch to wear due to its relatively light weight and medium size.


Case: Very good.
This Unisonic is in very good condition with just a few tiny scratches on the sides of the case. No dings or nicks. The case back appears perfect.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
Beautiful, perfect, coppery face and hands with no discoloration or corrosion whatsoever.

Crystal: Very good.
The crystal appears smooth and scratch free. There are a few tiny marks that are only visible in bright light under magnification. The lower left edge of the crystal looks as if it has been polished, probably from a nick sustained in the past.

Band / Bracelet: Excellent.
The original amazing copper colored bracelet is in excellent condition with no kinks or twists. It is beautiful and highly polished which allows it to reflect light like a coppery disco ball! It has the original Universal Geneve branded clasp with rose gold plating.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions work perfectly and it keeps excellent Accutron-quality time.